The Best Thing About Creative Freedom

Who likes to color with only one crayon? No one! Colors make the world a beautiful place. That’s why nature itself is so inviting and intriguing at the same time. Ever watch a beautiful blue sky turn purple when the sun sets? Exactly, it’s beyond breath taking. Just make sure your not on the interstate when you’re gazing.

There’s something about beautiful colors that inspire freedom and beauty. Colors of the rainbow for example and when you actually witness a rainbow form is whimsical. Therefore, wearing colors on your apparel and accessories exude the same vibe. Be free to create a world of beauty and mystery with your ensemble such as this top/dress. Watch how people stop and stare at you like a work of art.


Rules to having a great timeĀ 

Never let your fear get the best of you when it comes to having a great time when you’re invited to a getogether or a party!

Fear is the reason why you stay home when you could be out having a great time.  You sole your self out and tell yourself all these crazy reasons why you shouldn’t go, but the truth is…you should be enjoying life and every moment of it.  Now, of course there are valid reasons not to go…like you can’t find a baby sitter…your baby is sick…you’re broke until next paycheck…ya know!

But when the opportunity is right—girl—get out and have a blast!
Life is about experience and experiencing the random is what makes life thrilling!

I’m no saying do drugs or get drunk out of your mind!  God no!  I’m saying go out and have a great time with your bad self!

Here’s my recipe for a great time!

I’m not Dr. Phil but I have used this recipe over and over and when I tell you that it works…hunty…it works!

Try it for yourself and tell me that you were lit!

Tell The World to Kiss Your Boots!

Annoying days are when you look inside of your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear.  Every girl have experienced this before.  The funny part is…your closet is stacked high with clothes folded up because you’ve ran out of space to hang them.  Why is it that we feel there is nothing to wear?  I can speak for myself when I tell you that it is only because I have fallen into the trap of social media blandness!  

While I have high regards for trends and mass produced products, I’m a bigger fan of exclusitivity!  I love art and I’m an artist in my own rights.  When it comes to fashion, there’s no denying that trends are what it is…trends.  Meaning, everyone is wearing it.  

However, while trends have its purpose, I am constantly reminding myself this message, “To Thine Self Be True!”  There are plenty of patterns to choose from?  I for one like my own blueprint.  There’s no greater feeling than knowing deep down you are the genuine you.  Sure we are all inspired by someone or something, but we can harness these inspirations and recreate it as our masterpiece.  

Whenever, you feel you have nothing to wear.  Look again, and erase all those images that you have been bombarded with.  Then, ask yourself.  What do I want to wear today?  Being yourself is your gift to the world and being you is perfect!  The clothes don’t make you who you are.  You are who you are because you tell the world to kiss your boots!  

Burgundy Jacket

As we enter the most wonderful time of the year, we are preparing to gather together and spend time with our dearest friends and family.  If you’re living out of state like me and you have to travel to be with your loved ones, then  you know that the weather can be a bit tricky.  Besides the weather delaying your flight itinerary or creating hazardous conditions on the road, the weather can discourage you from wanting to step outside of the house.  Unless, you’re dressed for the occasion that is.  Having the right jacket for travel and for special events is key.  You will want to stay warm and stylish. With this creatively structured burgundy jacket, you will do just that.  

The best part about this amazing jacket is that it can be worn openly or loosely if you decide to forgo a belt.  The belt was used to create a more minimized waistline, but it doesn’t have to be worn with this vegan leather jacket.  

So, hurry up and make this jacket part of your collection before they are sold out!  For only $149.99 you can have this unique jacket that will never go out of style.  You can shop online at or call 757-447-4647 to purchase.

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Tan Snake Print Bag

Hi!  I hope you’re enjoying your Summer so far!  One thing I absolutely love about Summer is the luxurious look that you can create by incorporating snake prints with your outfit like this tan snake print bag.

This bag can be worn with just about every outfit!  It’s like that tan accessory that you wear with everything, or your everyday bag.  Except, the print makes it look extra chic!  

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