Rules to having a great timeĀ 

Never let your fear get the best of you when it comes to having a great time when you’re invited to a getogether or a party!

Fear is the reason why you stay home when you could be out having a great time.  You sole your self out and tell yourself all these crazy reasons why you shouldn’t go, but the truth is…you should be enjoying life and every moment of it.  Now, of course there are valid reasons not to go…like you can’t find a baby sitter…your baby is sick…you’re broke until next paycheck…ya know!

But when the opportunity is right—girl—get out and have a blast!
Life is about experience and experiencing the random is what makes life thrilling!

I’m no saying do drugs or get drunk out of your mind!  God no!  I’m saying go out and have a great time with your bad self!

Here’s my recipe for a great time!

I’m not Dr. Phil but I have used this recipe over and over and when I tell you that it works…hunty…it works!

Try it for yourself and tell me that you were lit!